Top Concept Cars at Auto Expo 2018


With a high level of foot fall at the auto expo, manufacturers prefer to showcase new concept cars not only to attract audiences, but also try to show their vision for the future. It also helps them get an understanding as to how acceptable are their new designs. We bring you all the concept car that were on display at The Auto Expo 2018.

Maruti Suzuki Concept Future S

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Maruti Suzuki Concept S

India’s largest car manufacturer showcased Future S Concept, which the company claims is a compact car with SUV like character. Maruti Suzuki design team feels that Concept Future S epitomizes the next level of design evolution in terms of design proportions, body sculpting and stimulating fusion of bold patterns and superior accent colors. With a micro-SUV stance it will compete with Renault Kwid.

Maruti Suzuki E-Survivor

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Maruti Suzuki E-Survivor


We aren’t sure, how Maruti Suzuki plans to survive at all, with this concept. E-Survivor is a compact SUV that pays tribute to Suzuki’s 4WD heritage. It is built on a ladder frame chassis with a lightweight body. It gets four in-wheel electric motor to power all four wheels. It is also equipped with autonomous driving capability with advance connected solutions for smartphone connectivity.

Tata Motors 45X

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Tata Motors 45X

The 45X concept gives a glimpse of Tata’s premium hatchback to rival the Hyundai i20. The design is bold and self-assured and at a larger level, also points to the design language being adopted by the next generation of Tata Motors’ passenger cars. Slim lights up front, a well-defined ‘humanity line’ that links the lights and grille and smartly detailed bumpers are visible at the front. From the rear, it resembles to a Land Rover and is the first model to be built on Tata’s AMP platform. The windscreen on the rear side is raked and sharp.

Tata Motors H5X

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Tata Motors H5X

Tata’s new SUV is bigger than a Creta and is based on Land Rover Discovery platform. The SUV’s bold face is characterized by slim high-set LED headlights, and there’s also a new, more defined interpretation of Tata’s trademark ‘humanity line’ that connects the headlights and grille. At 4575mm in length, it is in the league of midsize SUV. It is expected to be powered by Fiat’s 2.0 liter diesel engine when launched.

Mahindra TUV Stinger Convertible SUV

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Mahindra TUV 300 Stinger

With XUV aero concept last year, Mahindra this year showcased a convertible SUV based on the TUV 300. In the front, the new TUV Stinger convertible SUV concept gets large chrome grille with a big Mahindra logo applique inspired by a bird in flight, the wheel arches have robust body cladding to compliment the superior safety of the TUV Stinger convertible SUV concept. It also gets stylish LED headlamps and LED tail lamps. Powered by an engine from Mahindra’s iconic mHawk family, the TUV Stinger delivers 140 BHP and 320 Nm of torque.

Kia SP concept

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Kia SP Concept

Kia showcased a 16 vehicle line-up a its pavilion. Out of all these, Kia SP concept took the center stage as it would be the first product to be launched in India. The final version would be a toned down version of the concept car. SP concept gets the family signature grille in the front giving it an aggressive stance. The new headlamps have two design elements- one is the slimmer edgier running light on the top and illumination lights running on the bottom. It is expected to launch in the second half of 2019.

Renault ‘The Concept’

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Renault The concept

Renault showcased ‘The Concept’, which has been designed in India by an Indian. Designed at Renault design studio in Mumbai and Chennai, the Concept is a slightly larger hatchback and the roof opens for you to get in. Renault has given a maritime theme to the whole car and this is clear at the rear as it has boat like steps at the back. We are doubtful if it ever goes into production.

Renault Trezor

Top concepts auto expo 2018 - Renault Trezor

Renault showcased a very innovative and never-entering-production-concept – Trezor. Even though it looked stunning, Trezor might never enter production. The Renault Trezor is a two-seater sports coupe that’s fully electric and autonomous at the same time. The door lifts horizontally, making way for the driver to enter inside the cabin.



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