Just-in-time systems “Lean Manufacturing” : A culture

Gone are the days when firing the old staff and hiring the new one seem to be the ultimate solution to enhance the productivity of a firm. With enhancement of knowledge, organizations are now moving to Lean Manufacturing as a more promising way to survive in today’s cut throat competition.
A business philosophy that continuously improves all the processes involved in a manufacturing environment, irrespective of what types of products are being manufactured.
Lean manufacture has a comprehensive set of elements, rules and tools that focus on the elimination of waste and the creation of value. It tries to instill a philosophy of continuous incremental improvement while eliminating all non-value added activities.
JIThe term Lean in the manufacturing context implies identification and elimination of waste in all the processes involved. At the same time it helps increasing the speed by reducing the process time.
Lean Manufacturing is considered as the best cultural change any organization can adopt so that it can meet the global challenges and stay in the competition. Survival of an organization depends on how quickly it can adapt to the Lean Manufacturing culture.

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