Hriman Motors to showcase electric car with 200km range and an ‘Infinite’ battery


Hriman Motors EVNew Delhi headquartered Hriman Motors LLP , is working on an electric car with two advance features – 200km range and an ‘infinite’ battery which never needs to be replaced.

Hriman Motors EVHriman Motors Electric Vehicle is internally code-named as RT90. While the EV is undergoing road tests, it is expected to launch in mid-2018 and is one of the four EVs that they plan to roll out in future. RT90 has been engineered around a  ‘German’ electric drive system. Even though more details on the battery technology is awaited the company states that it uses a Lithium/Titanium battery technology which is half the weight and has four times the life of a regular battery. On the other hand, the battery is capable of charging in abut 10 mins on a fast DC Charger and 1-2 hours on an AC Charger. A 200km range in 10 minutes seems like a sweet deal? Will the company really be able to achieve this?

Hriman Motors ChassisHriman Motors claims that this two seater EV gets a torque more than 90Nm and a peak speed of 70Kmh. ‘India’s First Sensible, Reasonable EV’ as they call it, is based on a “Aluminium Trellis Frame” chassis capable of can carry 4 times the rated load and a strong sealed BLDC Motor.

The EV is a connected platform and can be tracked and managed via a centralized control framework – People coming down from a metro will be able to rent a car, go shopping and then return it at one of the drop points. As per Hriman Motors website, this EV might get auto-braking and auto-parking as well.

They are working on building a committed eco system to unleash the future of mass public transportation. The cost per kilometer for the RT90 will be around 45 paisa (with Air Conditioner) as compared 7 to 10 rupees for fuel based cars.

Commenting on the development,Founder of Hriman Motors Dr Rushen Chahal stated, “Our goal is to build a safe, vehicle using the best of the technologies available in the market today. We are planning for the 5 years ahead and we expecting a huge jump in acceptability of the Electric Vehicles in India as have been the case in China.”

In the next two years the company will also be coming up with three products – 2-seater Electric Car, 6-seater Electric City Commuter Bus and a 4-seater Electric Car.

Launching in mid-2018 the RT90 will be reasonably priced and the team at Hriman Motors is working towards building an Aluminum Trellis Frame chassis with ABS and FRP panels. The Trellis frame will extend to the roof too, offering safety to the passengers just in case the car turns turtle.

As the industry shifts towards EVs, when it comes to India, a sudden shift towards electrification could be seen, In line with Indian governments vision of switching to full electric by 2030 and also boost ‘Make in India’ initiative. Such startups are expected to disrupt the electric automobile market in India at a very fast pace.

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