Gaurav Gill bags APRC 2017 Title – Third Time


APRC 2017Gaurav Gill bags the APRC 2017 (Asia-Pacific Rally Championship). This is the third title for him since 2013. Gill with his co-driver Stephane Prevot finished with 174 points. His MRF Skoda team mate Ole Christian Veiby finished second with 160 points. The third spot was taken up by Shafraz Junaid in his VW Polo.

The Cafe Coffee Day India Rally is organised by Motor Sports Club of Chikkamagaluru. This was the fifth and concluding round of APRC 2017. Gill took the podium in his Skoda R5 which is powered by a 1.6 liter engine churning out an astonishing 278PS power an 420Nm of torque. This rally challenger gets power to all four wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Three of the the five rounds were baged by Gill while, Veiby took the other two. All the five rounds went to Skoda bagging Manufacturer trophy. Unfortunately, Abhilesh PG completed all the rounds at third place, but got out retired in the transport run due to mechanical problems and had to finish fourth.

Gaurav Gil on hos win said: “Obviously, I am extremely pleased to win such a hard-fought championship. My satisfaction lies in the fact that I beat my team-mate OC (Veiby) who is a World Championship driver and even won the round in Poland. More importantly, this victory is for Indian motorsport and it showed that India is capable of competing with the best talent in the World.”

Gill commenting on hi future: “Looking ahead, I think I have done enough to show that I have the pace and ability to compete at the World-level as my first APRC title in 2013 was against my then team-mate Esapekka Lappi from Finland who today is a regular in the World championship with several wins. At the moment, I accept what is on offer without thinking too much about what is in store for me in my rallying career.”


  1. Gaurav Gill / Stephane Prevot, Team MRF Skoda Fabia R5, 03hrs, 20mins, 19.8secs
  2. Ole Christian Veiby / Stig Rune Skjarmoen, Team MRF, Skoda Fabia R5, 03:37:58.2
  3. Shafraz Junaid / Akhry, Volkswagen Polo, 04:10:17.4



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