Exnovation !

Yes! you guessed it right! Exnovation is none other than the opposite of much familiar term “Innovation”. While the latter is quite used in business terminology since past, the former has its origin in 1981 when John Kimberly used it to refer to “removal of innovation from an organisation”. The worldwide accepted definition of Exnovation is a form of philosophy of not innovating. To be precise, Exnovation is ensuring that best in class entities are not innovated further, as provided by A. Sandeep in 1996.
When the processes and products which are fully tested and confirmed to be best in class are standardized in order to prevent them from being innovated further, its Exnovation.
History has it that it served to be a great tool for enhancing performance. Noteworthy are General Electric, Ford Motor Company and American Airlines. They have improved their organizational performance and the credit goes to Exnovation!

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