Electric vehicle in Farming


In India, more than 60% of the total land is used for farming and nearly 70% of the household in rural areas are dependent primarily on income generated by farming. But the use of heavy machinery in India is quite limited to tractors and harvesters. This is a good place to explore the opportunity for Electric Vehicles in Farming. There is a huge market for Electric Powered Machinery in a Farming sector.


a mini electric tractor for plowing and harvesting crops with several attachments.


Organic farming has been rising steadily and its economic status is increasing day by day. In the last decade use of harmful Chemicals pesticides and fertilizers are being banned and heavily criticized in the food industry. while this is a good step but the same farming culture has seen Rise in the use of heavy machinery for farming. this machinery is so big that they require diesel engines for their operation. this diesel engine using fossil fuels for their operation thus creating pollution. the organic food Industries means for the healthy food we are supporting the dirty fossil fuel industry.


Robotic Lawnmower backwards bras and musics the cut glass as a fuel The Robot is guided by Google map and uses electric brakes to cut the grass and then search the grass from the ground and dries then making dry pallets which are used to generate power by burning them which technology can be used for harvesting and separation of crops autonomously this will reduce time in human effort required for the food processing industries are electric forward in can work without in human interface we can load and unload at the predicted time and location


Solar powered High ground clearance Vehicle (Modular Construction)


The concept of organic food is very good and we can use the solar power harvesting methods. Developing a solar-powered vehicle with a very low footprint the vehicle which can be used for various purposes in the agricultural sector. These electric vehicles are capable of carrying more than one ton of a load and can be organized and design for autonomous operation in near future. They would be relying on the sun on their powers source and will be using it for powering the hub electric motors.



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