Chevrolet Bolt Autonomous has no physical steering wheel!


We would like you to have a close look at the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt Autonomous version’s interiors.

Chevrolet Bolt Autonomous

Notice some unusual out-of-the world extraterrestrial vehicle like changes?

Give it another look, No physical steering wheel, no hand brake and even no A,B, C pedals. So, the extraterrestrial features we were referring to was the absence of these features. That’s right, the Chevrolet Bolt Autonomous version gets no manual controls for the occupants.

General Motors and Cruise Automation have petitioned the U.S. Department of Transportation to launch a fleet of these fully autonomous vehicles on roads by 2019.

Even though the details are bleak, GM states that this would “safely on its own”. the dashboard design is similar to the present GM vehicles and the displays on back of the headrest would provide information to the rear seat passengers. The Cruise AV will be based on the existing Chevrolet EV prototypes that GM has already been using to test self-driving technology.

And it’s just the beginning. “We’ve put together four generations of autonomous vehicles over the course of 18 months,” says Dan Ammann, GM’s president. “You can safely assume that the fourth generation won’t be the last.” 

The report explains the various passive and active safety features of the Chevrolet Bolt Autonomous vehicle as well as all the redundant hardware:

Chevrolet Bolt Autonomous

You can find the report here



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