Changing vibrant lifestyle in India : Cycling


Cycling has the power to transform not just the waistline but define that essence of life we call happiness. And India is fast catching up.

We all know that India is known for its prosperity and diversity in its culture. But now a days changing lifestyle are of two faces in which one is beneficial for our society and other is dangerous. Changing lifestyle is good if everyone is aware about the moral values .Moral values if taught in school, then only they will spread over the students because students are the future of our country. Now a day moral values have become a good history chapters only. People don’t care about others feelings and emotions they can sell their moral values for money because money now buys status. Everybody wants to fill their own pockets in place of developing our poor country. Moral values of people are degenerating day by day because of the mimicry of the western culture. As a result of advancing release of technology morals and values are declining. People stopped visiting to each other and merely communicate via social networks.


India is changing rapidly in many different ways and its cities are changing even more rapidly. Typically, we find that most new technologies, attitudes, fashions, etc., come about first in the metros, then spread to other larger cities, and eventually encompass the entire urban landscape In India, as elsewhere, the general lifestyle has changed a lot over the years.

In fact, the current wave is from the unobtrusive to the exhibitionist, bordering on the narcissistic. Another noticeable feature of the emerging situation is the keenness with which people from rural areas and small towns migrate in large numbers to metropolitan centers seeking better fortunes.

Technology growth has been accelerated the migration process. The ubiquitous computer, with an easier access to the Internet and advanced software facilities, has virtually transformed the industrial scenario at the global level, throwing up enormous job opportunities for the young and talented. It is but natural then for the technically qualified Indian youth to prefer overseas employment. Nay, most of them are indeed crazy about foreign assignments.

We are slowly but surely falling prey to technology and its about time we get our facts straight. We all know that change is the law of nature. This law is governing almost everything in this universe and so as the Indian culture.



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