‘It’s of no use!’ Isn’t this the first thought that strikes your mind when you hear the word “Waste”. Well its meaning in context of manufacturing is no different. Waste is anything that consumes resources and does not add value to the customer. If the customer is not willing to pay for any process or product feature, such a process is considered as Waste in manufacturing reference.
What leads to waste in an industry? During manufacturing process, the material goes through various process which do not add any value to the customer, except increasing the cost of the product. Globally seven types of activities that lead to wastes have been identified:
· Mistakes that require rectification
· Production of inventory that no one wants
· Processing steps that are not needed
· Unnecessary transport of material and sub-assemblies
· Unnecessary movement of employees involved in the production process
· People waiting in the downstream processes for the completion of upstream work
· Producing goods and services which do not meet the specific needs of customers.
So next time keep a watch on these seven activities whenever you visit an industry.

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