Auto Expo 2018: Uniti Eelctric Car launch in India by 2020


Uniti Eelctric Car

Uniti Eelctric Car to launch in India by 2020. Uniti is a Swedish electric car start-up company has started joint market analysis in India in collaboration with Bird group. The plan to launch an affordable electric car at a price point of INR 7,14 lakh.

“Our vehicles are optimal for the Indian market and well aligned with India’s strong demand for clean mobility. Bird Group was identified as an ideal partner due to their experience in the mobility sector, along with their capacity for local assembly and mass distribution of our vehicles,” said Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti.

Uniti Eelctric CarUniti Eelctric Car would be a 5-seater in the Indian market and on display was the two seater version. Robin from Uniti group told us in an exclusive interview that the design of two seater version will be carried over to the five seater version and the development has already started. Uniti models are considered to be premium due to the unique user experience, modern approach to safety and sustainable production.  

“Owing to our experience in the electric vehicles space of manufacturing and distributing Segway in India for the last 8 years, other personal transport vehicles and our engineering footprint in all the major cities, we hope that our initiative will bring the best of affordable, yet very high-tech electric cars into every household and change the way people travel. We are also glad that this will contribute to the drive against pollution, which is now affecting almost every major metro in our country,” said Dr. Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director at Bird Group.

Uniti Eelctric CarDeliveries in India to commence from 2020 with a retail price starting from ₹7,14,000, ex-showroom. Eager customers can join a rapidly growing list of Uniti enthusiasts by securing their booking for a refundable deposit of Rs.1,000. Pre – booking will offer early access to the online vehicle configurator, eligibility for the pending beta test program, and early delivery among other perks. Uniti 5 seater variant will easily give 200 km range on a full charge and can be charged easily through any 15 amp socket.

Uniti vehicles are lightweight and designed with a particular focus on holistic sustainability. Their first vehicle, Uniti One, was launched in December 2017 at its production facility in Landskrona, Sweden.

“This initiative will not only create huge opportunities and numerous jobs, but would also enable entrepreneurs to set dealership networks in their prevalent geographies. It also follows the vision of the Prime Minister, Mr. Modi to Make in India and ensure vehicles are electric by the year 2030.” added Bhatia.



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