Upcoming Off-road and 4×4 Motorsports event in India


Off-roading and 4x4 Motorsports - IAWD Challlenge

“Upcoming Off-road and 4×4 Motorsports event in India!!”

Today’s cars are just about perfect and can literally be called amazing. They’re built for comfortable handling on highways but are just as adept off the pavement and onto the dirt. And, really, what’s the point of 4×4 if you’re not actually going to use it, at least occasionally? But simply going off-road isn’t as simple as it sounds. Off-roading and 4×4 Motorsports events can make you go through a thick mist of confusion if you are not prepared well.

Off-roading and 4×4 Motorsports culture in India is like a newborn child, kicking lively and growing. There have been a few events already and much more are underway as new tracks are being built across the nation. Being an uncharted market, the adventure sports sector holds a lot of potentials and is gaining popularity. But, only a few active players are present in this niche who are trying everything in their capacity to make it grow. This can be can be seen through various successful events which have been organized in the recent past.

Off-roading and 4x4 Motorsports - IAWD Challlenge

Indian AWD Challenge – Slush Terrain

Being a blue ocean market, this sector promises many opportunities in terms of business in developing a sport which can also attract a lot of tourism and establish India as an International Destination for Off-roading and 4×4 Motorsports Adventure. Off-roading and 4x4 Motorsports - IAWD Challenge

Indian AWD Challenge is one such Off-roading and 4×4 Motorsports events to look up to in India. This hardcore competitive event for 4×4 vehicles is organized by AUTOBOT INDIA through 4 natural terrains. First of the four competitive terrains include SLUSH Terrain at Coorg, DUST Terrain at Mulbagal, SAND Terrain at Jaipur and SNOW Terrain in Manali. IAWD challenge is designed to test and develop off-road driving skills through obstacles and endurance capability.



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